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DH and SHS courses and programs at EPFL

This page lists EPFL courses in the fields of digital humanities (DH) and social and human sciences (SHS).

Please note that these lists are not exhaustive. If you would like to submit a course to be displayed on this page, please let us know at

Study plans

EPFL Master of Science in Digital Humanities – study plan

EPFL Doctoral Program in Digital Humanities (EDDH)

Courses – 2021/2022

Civil Engineering

CIVIL-557 Decision-aid methodologies in transportation (Tim Hillel)

Communication Systems

COM-480 Data visualization (Laurent Vuillon)
COM-406 Foundations of Data Science (Rudiger Urbanke)

Computer Science

CS-401 Applied data analysis (Robert West)
CS-440 Advanced computer graphics (Wenzel Jakob)
CS-456 Artificial neural networks (Wulfram Gerstner)
CS-413 Computational photography (Sabine Süsstrunk)
CS-442 Computer vision (Pascal Fua)
CS-422 Database systems (Anastasia Ailamaki)
CS-411 Digital education & learning analytics (Pierre Dillenbourg/Patrick Jermann)
CS-423 Distributed information systems (Karl Aberer)
CS-486 Interaction design (Pu Faltings)
CS-431 Introduction to natural language processing (Jean-Cedric Chappelier/Martin Rajman)
CS-433 Machine learning (Martin Jaggi/Nicolas Flammarion)
CS-444 Virtual reality (Ronan Boulic)

Digital Humanities

DH-404 Cultural data sculpting (Sarah Kenderdine)
DH-401 Digital musicology (Martin Rohrmeier)
DH-411 Design research for digital innovation (Nicolas Henchoz)
DH-412 History and the digital (Jérôme Baudry)
DH-500 Computational social media (Daniel Gatica-Perez)
DH-405 Foundation of digital humanities (Frederic Kaplan)
DH-406 Machine learning for DH (Mathieu Salzmann)


EE-559 Deep learning (François Fleuret)
EE-554 Automatic speech processing (Hervé Bourlard)
EE-550 Image and video processing (Touradj Ebrahimi)
ENG-440 Spatial statistics and analysis (Alexis Berne/François Golay)
ENV-444 Exploratory data analysis in environmental health (Stéphane Joost/Idris Guessous)
MICRO-511 Image processing I (Michaël Unser/Dimitri Van De Ville)
MICRO-512 Image processing II (Michaël Unser/Dimitri Van De Ville)


AR-484 Introduction to BIM (Building Information Modeling) (Elise Hautecoeur)
AR-407 Visions and utopias (Nicola Braghieri)
AR-433 UE H : Graphie (Raynald Métraux/Paule Soubeyrand)
AR-435 UE R : Introduction to BIM (Building Information Modeling) (Bernard Cache/Elise Hautecoeur)
AR-458 City and mobility (Vincent Kaufmann, Emmanuel Ravalet, Guillaume Drevon)


MATH-341 Linear models (Victor Panaretos)


MGT-401 Strategic marketing and technology commercialization (Thilo Eckardt)
MGT-414 Technology & innovation strategy (Kenneth Younge)

Social and Human Sciences

HUM-463 Men/machines (Dominique Kunz / Francois Rosset)
HUM-414 Law and technology II (Anne-Christine Favre / Anouk Neuenschwander / Maximilien, Stauber)
HUM-459 Engineering ethics II (Hugues Poltier)
HUM-114 and 426 Science, technology and society (Dominique Vinck)
HUM-369 Digital humanities (Frédéric Kaplan)
HUM-443 Collective creation: improv-arts & engineering II
HUM- 307 Law of technological research (Charles Joye)
HUM-387 How technology shapes the workplace of the future (Rafael Lalive)
HUM-385 History of science and technology (Jérôme Baudry)


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