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The Alps in 3D

The Alps in 3D. A virtual journey through Switzerland and the Mont Blanc Massif…in 1900 is a virtual exhibition designed and developed by Daniela Vaj, member of the dhCenter, Christian Kaiser (IGD, UNIL) and Manuel Bröchin. It is part of the Viaticalpes project.

The exhibition, available in 4 languages (French, English, Italian and German), can already be visited on your computer but a version adapted to smartphones and tablets will soon be available.

Published in 1901 in New York, Switzerland through the stereoscope; a journey over and around the Alps is the latest book available in the Viatimages database. It is part of an original collection of stereoscopic journeys that allows to travel virtually in 3D thanks to a stereoscope and 100 stereophotographs, geo-localized maps and a guidebook.

Starting from this book, the virtual exhibition illustrated with 280 images traces the history of stereoscopic travels from 1850 to the present day. It then allows to travel in 2D on the routes of the time, but also in 3D, using anaglyph glasses. The visit is carried out through a series of interactive maps, on which we have geo-located the 100 stereophotographs that make up the Swiss box set.

Links are also provided to the Viatimages database, where the original English text written by the American educator Mabel Sarah Emery, the author of the guide, can be used as a guide for each image.

This online exhibition is associated with the on-site exhibition “Les Alpes au stereoscope”, organized by the Médiathèque Valais and the Centre interdisciplinaire de recherche sur la montagne (CIRM). It can be seen at the Arsenaux-Sion from 30.6. 2022 to 22.10.2022


Daniela Vaj (Head Manager)
Christian Kaiser (IT development and GIS)
Manuel Bröchin (IT development and GIS)


Centre des sciences historiques de la culture (UNIL)
Centre interdisciplinaire de recherche sur la montagne (UNIL)


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