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Workshop in Sion: Social and political issues of the digital transition

A workshop for doctoral students, “Social and political issues of the digital transition”, is being organized by UNIL and the Programme doctoral en études numérique (CUSO Numérique) for September 12th-13th in Sion, Switzerland.

This workshop offers a space for reflection and discussion on the implication of digital technologies in the evolution of organizations and social practices. It will welcome an exciting panel of researchers and experts to discuss some of the central questions relating to digital technologies and society, including digital culture, privacy, dataification, algorithmic governance, digital policy, smart cities, mobility traceability, new forms of quantification, etc.

For doctoral students in the humanities and social sciences, these technologies must be considered as objects and as a context. One of the major challenges is to make the part of technological innovation in social change without giving in to techno-determinism. It is not always easy to find the right place of the social science and humanities discourse, which is essential to understanding these phenomena in their historical, geographical, ontological, and economic contexts.

Speakers include dhCenter members and Mathis Stock and Dominique Vinck of the University of Lausanne. Accommodation will be provided for the night of 12th-13th. Twenty places are available – please register by September 1.

From: 12 Sep, 2022
To: 13 Sep, 2022
Organizer: Programme doctoral en études numérique (CUSO Numérique)
Speaker: Mathis Stock (UNIL) Dominique Vinck (UNIL)
University of Lausanne (Sion site)
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