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The Art Museum in the Digital Age 2022

This international online conference is organized by the Belvedere Research Center based in Vienna, Austria. 

The event is the fourth in a conference series by the Belvedere Research Center on the digital transformation of art museums. This installment will focus on “questions beyond binary concepts, such as media specificity, hybridity, and mixed reality” in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, in which “the digital presence of museums [is] no longer merely a possible extension of exhibition spaces but rather the only way to reach the public.”

Through five themes, international experts will present ideas on how “the digital and the analog can be productively, conceptually, and aesthetically interwoven in a museum setting.”

Learn more and register here.

From: 17 Jan, 2022
To: 21 Jan, 2022
Organizer: Belvedere Research Center
Languages: English, German
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