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Digital knowledge infrastructures at the crossroads of governance practices

Building on a year of research seminars held at EPFL, the two-day workshop “Sustaining Knowledge and its Infrastructure: Digital knowledge infrastructures at the crossroads of governance practices” aims to shed further light on how diverse governance practices may play together in digital knowledge infrastructures to guarantee their sustainability, broadly understood.

This workshop will address three complementary aspects of infrastructural sustainability: the legitimacy of digital knowledge infrastructures, the constant maintenance work that holds them together, and their governance at large.

Gathering researchers, practitioners, and users of digital knowledge infrastructures, this workshop will be organized around two keynotes by Christine Borgman (Distinguished Professor in Information Studies, UCLA) and Dominique Pestre (Directeur d’études, EHESS), and three roundtables, with ample room for discussion and debate, each dedicated to one of the previously mentioned aspects of infrastructural sustainability.

Parallel to the workshop, all participants will be able to partake in a shared visual reflection on how these modes of governance may assemble and articulate to ensure the sustainability and openness of digital knowledge infrastructures (this will be held on collaborative boards open to all).

View the full program (PDF)

From: 16 Jun, 2022
To: 17 Jun, 2022
Organizer: EPFL Digital Humanities Institute, Laboratory for the History of Science and Technology
Speaker: Christine Borgman, Dominique Pestre
Languages: English
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