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Sciences Po médialab seminar: The networks underlying collaborative learning and solving

In this online seminar, Marc Santolini, who is a research fellow and team leader at CRI research in Paris and a visiting researcher at the Network Science Institute at Northeastern University, Boston, will review the recent work of his team in understanding collaborative learning and solving using network approaches on large empirical datasets.

Using digital laboratory notebook data from more than 2,000 teams competing in the iGEM science and engineering competition, Santolini will present:

  1. Universal aspects of teamwork and team dynamics
  2. Features underlying team success in the competition
  3. How teams adapt their strategy throughout repeated participation

Santolini will then present the team progress in the ongoing ‘iGEM TIES’ project, aimed at mapping high-resolution team interactions in the lab using a journaling and bluetooth-enabled smartphone app. He will contrast these results with the organizational behavior observed in massive online open-source communities from GitHub. Finally, he will introduce the team recent work on collaborative learning using fine-grain social data from online forums and phone call records, and show how interaction data can help predict learning outcomes.

This seminar, to be held by videoconference only, is open to all; however, pre-registration is required. Please register here.

From: 29 Sep, 2020
To: 29 Sep, 2020
Organizer: Sciences Po médialab
Speaker: Marc Santolini





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