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Quel(s) futur(s) pour l’eSport ?

This online talk, to be held in French as part of the Swiss Digital Days, will address the world of video game-based competitions and electronic sports (eSports).

eSports (electronic sports) has reached a new dimension in 2020, representing a digital, cultural, and societal revolution. These video game competitions, bringing together individual players or teams from around the world, are expected to attract nearly 495 million spectators this year (mainly on Twitch and Youtube), and generate nearly 1.1 billion dollars in revenue.

This online event, Quel(s) futur(s) pour l’eSport ? (What future for eSports?) will be held within the framework of the Swiss Digital Days on November 1, 2020, and will be organized by the Academy of Journalism and Media (AJM) of the University of Neuchâtel and Swiss Public Radio, RTS, with the support of the Initiative for Media Innovation (IMI).

Four speakers —  Nicolas Besombes, associate professor in sport sciences at the University of Paris; Noëlle “PsychoHugger” Desjeux, host of Whisp Her on RTS eSport; Maxime Forrer, president of Neuchâtel Xamax Esports; and  Nina “Naatya” Graifemberg, Esports referee — will introduce participants to eSports and its impact on gaming and on sports in general. They will also outline the possible futures of eSports as a sport, a media and a culture as a whole.

Join the event online:

From: 1 Nov, 2020
To: 1 Nov, 2020
Organizer: University of Neuchâtel, RTS, IMI
Speaker: Nicolas Besombes, Noëlle Desjeux, Maxime Forrer, Nina Graifemberg