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Networks, the Digital Humanities, and Everything

Talk by Prof. Ulrik Brandes, ETHZ

The DH Research Seminar is a series of talks organised by the Digital Humanities Institute given by researchers from a wide range of backgrounds and aiming at presenting the vast array of subjects covered by Digital Humanities.


After millions of years of contemplation, a computer might make sense of this title.
Meanwhile, although maybe not for quite as long, I will talk about network science and some of its applications in literary corpus analysis.
The focus is on fundamental questions related to oppositions such as works of art vs. network data, close vs. distant reading, and qualitative vs. quantitative approaches, but they will be exemplified with questions from a study of Deutscher Novellenschatz (1871-1876).
This collection of German-language novellas, edited by Paul Heyse and Hermann Kurz, is the main subject of an ongoing collaboration with Thomas Weitin (TU Darmstadt).


  • Time and place: from 4pm to 6pm, BC420, EPFL


From: 19 Nov, 2019
To: 19 Nov, 2019



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