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Jessica Pidoux est l’invitée du prochain Séminaire Méthodologie de SciencesPo

 Jessica Pidoux, membre du dhCenter,  interviendra lors de la 33ème séance du MetSem, avec une présentation intitulée « Qualitative and Quantitative Methods for Situating Human-Machine Communication Processes: A Comparative Analysis of Online Dating Practices ». La présentation sera en français.


Résumé de la séance

In my doctoral thesis, I studied three different standpoints: Graphical User Interfaces (GUI), developers, and users to understand online dating phenomena. For each standpoint, I retained the relevance of replications (Boullier, 2018). This enabled me to focus on specific entities for each standpoint (e.g., user representation variables, algorithmic input values on interfaces) that have agency over replicating online-dating practices across platforms. Through a comparative analysis, I identified the entities that become conventional across platforms. This way, I focused on comparing the plurality of possibilities that online dating creates for every actor. To build the comparisons, I used both quantitative and qualitative methods, chosen accordingly for every standpoint adopted. More specifically, I focused on the analysis of how data traceability is built on GUI structures due to their crucial role. They mediate developers’ practices of collecting data necessary for defining algorithms and of user interactions for finding a date, a partner, or for establishing at least a contact online. While qualitative analysis enabled me to have a situated view on what matters to actors, the quantitative analysis enabled commensurability of entities.


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From: 10 Mar, 2022
10:00 - 12:00
To: 10 Mar, 2022
10:00 - 12:00
Organizer: MetSem SciencesPo
Speaker: Jessica Pidoux
Languages: Français
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