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HIPE-CLEF 2020 Workshop

The free, online, live HIPE workshop will be held on September 23rd,  2020 as part of the CLEF 2020 conference. Eleven teams will present the approaches they developed to tackle named entity recognition and classification, and named entity linking on noisy, multilingual, and historical newspapers.

HIPE (Identifying Historical People, Places and other Entities) is an evaluation campaign on named entity processing on historical newspapers in French, German and English, organized in the context of the impresso project and run as a part of the Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum 2020 (CLEF 2020).

In the context of massive digitization of historical documents, the objective of HIPE is to assess and advance the development of robust named entity processing systems able to deal with challenging, multilingual, diachronic historical material, thereby supporting information extraction and text understanding of cultural heritage data.

Registration is open until September 19th. Please register here.

View the full workshop program.

From: 23 Sep, 2020
To: 23 Sep, 2020
Organizer: Maude Ehrmann, Matteo Romanello
Languages: English
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