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Enter the Hyper-Scientific – Round Table discussion

The round table discussion “Enter the Hyper-Scientific” is part of the EPFL CDH Cultural Week “Les Culturelles” oganised by CDH Culture, CDH AiR and THEMA.

This roundtable will present the ongoing projects of the EPFL-CDH artist-in-residence program Enter the Hyper-Scientific 2022 edition: Light Oriented Ontologies, Synthetic Landscapes, Rational and Irrational Numbers and Spheroids.

The discussion will be held with resident artists Alan Bogana, Dorota Gawęda & Eglė Kulbokaitė, Riccardo Giacconi and Joel Kuennen.

The panel will explore the dialogues that have taken place between the artists and the EPFL scientific community on selected project themes, from light and holography and environmental science, via the narrative spectrum of Eastern European folklore, to exoplanets, puppetry, and robotics.

Moderated by program manager and curator Giulia Bini, member of the dhCenter, the discussion will also involve project partners Laurène Donati, director of the EPFL Imaging Center, and Nicolas Tétreault, director of CLIMACT, to reflect on the opportunities and challenges of cross-disciplinary art-science exchanges.

The event will be followed by the inauguration of Vanessa Billy’s sculpture “La Matrice” commissioned by CDH Culture and accompanied by a sound performance by Anne Briset.

From: 13 Oct, 2022
To: 13 Oct, 2022
Organizer: EPFL CDH Artist-in-Residence Program 2022





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