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Training Course on Data Writing and Visualization

The PhD Programme in Digital Studies (PDEN) is pleased to offer a training course on data writing and visualization, which will take place in Geneva on 10 May.

In academic life, no challenge is no more difficult than writing a thesis and the first publications that constitute or follow it. Writing is hard and even harder when you have to mix conceptual arguments and data analysis, pay homage to the literature and show originality, propose new analytic approaches and visualize the results with convincing figures, seduce your evaluators, reassure your supervisors, stick to the subject and to the number of words. Luckily, for all of this, there are techniques, tricks of the trade and a workshop to master them.

Modeled on the “writing workshops” of Howard Becker, Bruno Latour and Umberto Eco, the Writing Workshop with Data offers a space for working collectively on thesis chapters, articles, research projects, etc. and to discuss together how to make the texts clearer and more lively, but also how to improve the communication of data through visualizations and tables.

Registration is required. Attention: limited number of places!

View the general program of activities on the PDEN website.

From: 10 May, 2022
To: 10 May, 2022
Organizer: PDEN
Speaker: Prof. Tommaso Venturini, UNIGE; Michele Mauri, PhD, Politecnico di Milano
Languages: English


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