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Confidential Computing

Talk on Confidential Computing. Speakers: Manuel Costa, Cedric Fournet, Antoine Delignat-Lavaud


Confidential Computing is a new level of privacy guarantees that enables applications to keep their code and data confidential even while running on hostile or compromised hosts in the cloud. Confidential computing requires research on all layers of the hardware\software stack: designing secure hardware containers, new operating system abstractions, compilers and languages for secure code generation, verification of runtimes and protocols, new cryptography, and redesigning cloud services. This talk discusses ongoing research to achieve confidential computing and to build the next generation of privacy-preserving high-performance cloud computing services.


  • Time and place : at 11:00 am, room BC 420, EPFL
From: 18 Nov, 2019
To: 18 Nov, 2019



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