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Beyond Openness: the issue of equality, diversity and inclusion in knowledge infrastructures

The EPFL College of Humanities and Laboratory for the History of Science and Technology are organizing the third session of Pierre Mounier’s monthly seminar on Governing Digital Knowledge Infrastructures (#GDKI), focusing on equality, diversity and inclusion.

Opening the governance of open knowledge infrastructures is an issue that has been addressed for some years in the academic community. But the question of equality, diversity, and inclusion (ED&I), that is well known in academia when it comes to access to academic positions and research, is rarely addressed in the larger context of knowledge production and particularly the infrastructure that supports it.

Leslie Chan, associate professor at the University of Toronto Scarborough and Director of the Knowledge Equity Lab, is one of the few who regularly publish on this topic. In a recent presentation at FORCE2021 conference, Leslie gave a thought-provoking talk, challenging “structural racism and systemic biases in academic knowledge production”.

For the end of the year, the #GDKI Seminar will organize an online public discussion with him around his research and the work of the Knowledge Equity Lab. The discussion will address in particular the role of knowledge infrastructures in the inequalities and exclusions that hinder knowledge production globally and how working on their governance can begin to change it.

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Suggested readings

Angela Okune, Rebecca Hillyer, Denisse Albornoz, Alejandro Posada, Leslie Chan. Whose Infrastructure? Towards Inclusive and Collaborative Knowledge Infrastructures in Open Science. ELPUB 2018, Jun 2018, Toronto, Canada.

Albornoz, D., Okune, A., & Chan, L. (2020). Can Open Scholarly Practices Redress Epistemic Injustice? In Reassembling Scholarly Communications: Histories, Infrastructures, and Global Politics of Open Access. Martin Paul Eve & Jonathan Gray (eds) (pp. 65–79). MIT Press.

From: 21 Dec, 2021
To: 21 Dec, 2021
Organizer: EPFL CDH LHST
Speaker: Leslie Chan
Languages: English




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