This retreat for students, researchers and experts, organized with academic support from the dhCenter, will be held over two days in the Swiss Jura mountains. The aim is to discuss, debate, and write a research agenda based on the question: What are the programming practices behind algorithmic biases?

The “Algorithms in the making” retreat is for women or those who identify as non-binary. It is organized by dhCenter member Jessica Pidoux, with academic support from the dhCenter. It is funded by Women in big data within the framework of NRP 75-Big Data National Research Programme and the Digital Society Initiative, University of Zurich, and supported by Digital Humanities Institute and Women@thetable.

The main goal is to formalize developing practices that remain invisible or difficult to access while developing critical thinking. A secondary goal is bringing women together from different disciplines that are estranged by different reasons but bounded by a specific preoccupation: how to deconstruct algorithmic systems now shaping our daily lives.

The retreat will help creating a network and acquiring conceptual and analytical skills for understanding algorithmic practices. We will ultimately offer a new thinking perspective by women, for society to introduce diversity whereas the male gaze is predominant in questions women are also directly affected by.

This event is an opportunity to share knowledge, set the tracks for new research venues and raise awareness about developing practices producing biases.

Invited keynote speakers

Prof. Jenna Burrell / UC Berkeley

Margarita Boenig-Liptsin / Paris Institute for Advanced Study (IAS)

Dr. Isabel Ebert / University St Gallen (HSG)

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Space is limited to 10 participants! Register here before October 30.