Dylan Bovet is graduate assistant in Latin language and literature at the Institut d’Archéologie et des Sciences de l’Antiquité at the Univeristy of Lausanne (UNIL–ASA).

He is an active researcher and teacher of Latin, particularly involved in the study of its poetry, and is also committed to its cultural mediation. His interests and areas of research range from classical Latin love poetry, to spoken Latin and verse inscriptions. More specifically, he is currently working on a PhD thesis on epigraphy in elegiac verse and analyses the relationships writing holds to structures of orality and performance and how it fosters the composition of poetry, namely its metrics, word collocation and pragmatics.

Throughout his work he progressively gained awareness of and interest in various digital issues: databases, cross-searching, geographic information system (GIS), tagging and digital editing. Since 2019, he has been more directly committed and co-founded, together with A. Jambé and P. M. Michel, #ASAnumerica, a group engaged in critical thinking for applications and uses of digital technologies in Classics at UNIL. Through #ASAnumerica and from the viewpoint of his specific academic domain, he works at supporting emerging digital projects between researchers in Classics and beyond, at promoting networking and developing a humanistic thinking for new technologies as a research environment.

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