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ACDH-CH offering internship positions

The Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage (ACDH-CH)  will again be offering internship positions in February 2023. Students and young professionals who are interested in Digital Humanities and want to gain insights into the ACDH-CH can apply for an internship.

Internships at the ACDH-CH aim to provide a hands-on work experience and an insight into the workings of an academic research institute with a focus on digital humanities scholarship.

In assigning interns to specific research projects or work groups, the programm will take into account their interests and allow them to practice specific skills, while also giving them the opportunity to expand their academic knowledge and gain new experience.

Depending on your personal specifications and previous experience, your activities at the ACDH-CH may focus on:

  • Project-Based Research: participating in one of the ACDH-CH’s current research projects that engage in humanities scholarship with the help of digital tools and cover a broad spectrum of areas of inquiry from linguistics, philology, history, media studies, musicology and many more. (Please specify in your application which current project(s) you are particularly interested in and why).
  • Technical Development: developing and improving software for DH research, data analysis, user interface design, often in relation to one or more of the research projects.
  • Outreach and Knowledge Transfer: supporting our networks, knowledge transfer and outreach team in their task of internal and public communication, event management and other outreach activities.


The ACDH-CH is looking in particular for applicants with backgrounds in philology (particularly German philology), linguistics, archaeology, political studies, literary studies, history, media studies, musicology, and similar disciplines for project-based research. If you want to focus on ICT work, some familiarity with XML and web technologies such as HTML5, CSS & Javascript would be helpful.

For more information about this program, please see the website.

How to apply

You can apply now for an internship in February 2023 by filling out the application form (in English or German).

Application deadline: 25 November 2022.




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