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Report: Digital Criticism Unconference

The results of the Digital Criticism Unconference, co-organized by the dhCenter and held online in October 2021, are now available in a report drafted by dhCenter member Jessica Pidoux (EPFL/Science Po).

The Digital Criticism Unconference invited digital humanities researchers to engage in a dialogue on a variety of emerging issues with a common theme: the digitalization of culture and society. The aim was to create an open space where scholars could network; share insights and challenges relating to current research projects and methods; and discuss trends in the fields of digital studies and digital humanities.

The online event was organized with the collaboration of; the Universities of Geneva, Basel, Bern, and Lausanne; and the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences (SAGW/ASSH).

Read the report online, or download the PDF. Videos of the two keynotes and 14 panel reports are also available on the event website.

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