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Workshop on Computational Methods in the Humanities 2022

The COMHUM workshop series positions itself as an international forum primarily devoted to the following research questions: (1) which computational methods are most appropriate for dealing with the particular challenges posed by humanities research, e.g., uncertainty, vagueness, incompleteness, but also with different positions (points of view, values, criteria, perspectives, approaches, readings, etc.)? And (2) how can such computational methods be applied to concrete research questions in the humanities?

The first day will be devoted to the specific topic of computational methods for constructing and analyzing character networks. The second day will be open to submissions on any topic pertaining to theoretical or applied research on computational methods for humanities research broadly conceived.

The workshop will be held at UNIL, unless sanitary measures require it to be held online. The official language of the workshop is English, but contributions can be submitted in English or French. The deadline for submission of abstracts is February 11, 2022.

The second edition of the COMHUM workshop is organized by members of the Lausanne Lab for Computational and Statistical Text Analysis (LLIST) : François Bavaud, Guillaume Guex, Coline Métrailler, Davide Picca, Stéphanie Pichot, Michael Piotrowski, Yannick Rochat, Aris Xanthos. It is hosted by the Department of Language and Information Sciences (SLI), with the support of the Center for Linguistics and the Science of Language (CLSL), both in the Faculty of Arts at UNIL.

The UNIL-EPFL dhCenter ceased its activities on December 31, 2022. The contents of this site, with the exception of our members' pages, are no longer updated. Thanks to all of you for having kept this space alive! More information