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Call for papers on “Artificial Intelligence for Cultural Heritage Materials”

The AEOLIAN network (Artificial Intelligence for Cultural Organizations) is inviting submissions of papers for a special issue of the Journal of Documentation (JDoc).

The special issue of JDoc is entitled “Artificial Intelligence for Cultural Heritage Materials”, and represents a key outcome of the AEOLIAN network. It will focus on the uses of artificial intelligence (AI) in the provisioning and use of digital cultural heritage collections with restricted or difficult access, whether due to privacy concerns, copyright restrictions, or the sheer volume of cultural heritage data (which, barring catastrophic data loss, is always on the increase).

The three main questions to be explored in this issue are: How can we use AI to make digital cultural heritage collections more accessible?  How might we analyze these collections using AI research methods? And can we identify synergies and collaborative avenues among cultural organizations around the world that are engaged in AI-enhanced research and access methods?

Scholars, curators, and other cultural heritage workers in any aligned fields — in the humanities; in the information, data, and computer sciences; and in the libraries, archives, and museums sector — are invited to submit their work for publication in this important special issue.

Founded in 1945, the Journal of Documentation is a leading journal in information studies and related fields, providing a unique focus on theories, concepts, models, frameworks and philosophies related to documents and recorded knowledge.

Submission details

Submission deadline: January, 2022
Review and editorial window: February-June, 2022
Anticipated publication date: Autumn, 2022

Click here for author guidelines for submission.

Questions may be sent to the editors, Glen Worthey ( and J. Stephen Downie (, both of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA.

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