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Heidi.News: Paul-Olivier Dehaye talks taking control of personal data

On November 16th, Swiss news platform Heidi.News published an interview with Paul-Olivier Dehaye, founder of and member of the board of directors of Finland-based non-profit, MyData Global.

In the French-language article, Dehaye talks about the importance of individual data rights and transparency, and the challenges to maintaining them. Notably, he argues that taking control of data — even one’s own — must be done collectively and on a societal level, through the formation of a “counter-power”.

He also speaks to frameworks for good data governance: “As everyone realizes that there is a tremendous amount of power attached to the mining of data, everyone wants to be the one who decides everything. At the same time, it is an intensely personal subject. This means that what happens around this topic should take into account individual choices, regardless of the governance structure chosen,” Dehaye told Heidi.News.

This interview was published within the framework of the series of conferences, “Parlons numérique“, organized between September and December 2020 by the University of Geneva. On November 18th, Dehaye spoke at the session entitled, “Control over our data: what role for international Geneva on data governance?”, the video of which can now be viewed on the University of Geneva website.

Read the full interview, in French: «Reprendre le contrôle de nos données passera par un contre-pouvoir». 16 November 2020. Zelda Chauvet and Fabrice Delaye, Heidi.News.

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