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Yannick Rochat speaks to Le Temps about COVID-19’s impact on the videogame industry

In a May 19th article published in Le Temps, dhCenter member Yannick Rochat is interviewed on the subject of the videogame  industry and its relative escape (thus far) from the negative effects of the coronavirus pandemic. 

As Le Temps journalist Alexandre Steiner reports, increased videogame use has been a natural consequence of prolonged confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, experts argue that overall impact is yet to be felt, and will likely only begin to show up in 2021, due in part to the long timelines that govern videogame development and commercial release.

dhCenter member and UNIL Gamelab researcher Yannick Rochat explains that the production of videogame consoles, some of which are already experiencing supply shortages, over the coming months will play a central role in defining this impact. It also remains to be seen, he says, whether those who have taken up the hobby in confinement will continue to play as the lockdown is eased.

Read the full article (in French): Le jeu vidéo ne connaît pas (encore) la crise (by Alexandre Steiner, May 19th, 2020)




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