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Switzerland establishes a COVID-19 scientific task force

The main scientific branch of the Swiss government, the ETH Domain, has set up an ad hoc task force charged with identifying key opportunities to help fight the coronavirus.

Task force members, who report directly to the president of the ETH Domain directorate, will attack COVID-19 from scientific, business, and policy standpoints by identifying opportunities for research into the virus, helpful products and services, and informed decision-making. EPFL’s Andreas Mortensen, Didier Trono and Melanie Blokesch have been named as task leaders.

Seven high-priority tasks have already been assigned to the task force. For all tasks, leaders will work closely with federal authorities and other institutions in Switzerland.

  1. Increasing the capacity for virus tests (leaders: Didier Trono and Markus Stoffel)
  2. Increasing the capacity for serological tests (leaders: Didier Trono and Markus Stoffel)
  3. Facilitating information exchange with clinics
  4. Creating a platform for the exchange of scientific and medical equipment, expertise and personnel (lead: Roman Stocker)
  5. Creating a centralized platform to exchange, curate, and analyze epidemiological data for modeling and decision-making (leader: Sebastian Bonhoeffer)
  6. Developing approaches for manufacturing and reusing face masks (leaders: Andreas Mortensen and Peter Wick)
  7. Launching a communications campaign with the help of students (leader: Melanie Blokesch)

Read the full article on the ETH Board website.




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